Thursday, July 10, 2008

Day Eight

Alka Seltzer Day! Everyone loves Alka Seltzer Day! We used Alka Seltzer to explore the collision theory of reaction rates. In order for chemical reactions to occur three things must happen: the particles MUST collide (hit each other); they must collide with the right orientation (hit in the right place); and they must collide with the right amount of energy. How then are reaction rates affected by things like temperature and particle size/surface area? THAT is what we found out today. We tested pieces of Alka Seltzer tablets in room temperature, cold and hot water and timed how long it took for the reaction to finish. We also tested the difference between big pieces, chunks and powder! What did we find out? Ask us to tell you when we get home. THEN we went outside and used what we learned about reaction rates to create the perfect Film Canister Rocket. One thing that was clear from the start... the fastest reaction may NOT be the best to make the perfect rocket! (Note for those trying it at home... you need Fugi type film canisters with the lid that snaps inside the canister to make the rockets)

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